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The Plumb Chapel

Our Plumb Chapel has been named in loving memory of Roy and Mary Plumb.

Mark was a young boy when a teacher at the local secondary school said he would make a good Funeral Director. Mark's Mum approached many companies to no avail. Roy and Mary Plumb, however, who ran

A S Talbott in Thurmaston were willing to give him the chance offering him a weekend job,
 Mark started at the age of 13.

This weekend job soon developed into an after school job when Mark would just turn up with his school bag cleaning cars and polishing coffins that were hand made in those days.

Roy and Mary took Mark under their wing and soon became like adopted parents to Mark where he would work every weekend nights and all through the school holidays, gaining experience of all aspects of funeral services.

When Roy and Mary retired to Spain, Mark was given the job of managing the company and in later years placed his name above the door.

Mark has a lot to be grateful for and it seemed fitting, after their passing,to remember where it all began.

The Plumb Chapel holds a special place in the hearts of Mark, Hayley and Max, and is the perfect resting place for your loved one.

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